Majorica jewellery is produced under strict standards of excellence in Majorca, Spain.

Majorica organic man-made pearls are remarkably similar in appearance to natural and quality cultured pearls, yet much more affordable. The pearls are set in 18k-gold, sterling silver and 18k gold-plated sterling silver, by skilled artisans.

Majorica pearls are hand-crafted through a closely guarded process perfected over decades. The pearls coated with organic materials extracted from the turquoise waters of remote islands give Majorica pearls a rich lustre and magnificent orient.

Once the application of the organic layers is complete, the pearls are hand-polished to produce a perfect texture with a warm lustre. Majorica's organic man-made pearls are fully protected against discoloration, chipping or peeling, assuring durability far superior to any other type of pearl in the world.
Majorica pearls are organic man-made pearls which equate in quality and beauty to natural pearls, offering you an affordable alternative. Made of organic materials from the ocean, the Majorica process mirrors the oysters' own. Organic man-made pearls fom Majorica refract light in the same way as natural pearls, radiating a warm soft glow and reflecting a multitude of colours.
Majorica's international design team has created a new collection to strengthen the everlasting bond between pearls and women. Contemporary designs reflecting original concepts unveil new ways of wearing a pearl. Simplicity in both line and shape, allow women to wear pearls according to their own personal style.
For women around the world who dream of the beauty of pearls, there is now a surprisingly affordable way to make that dream come true. MAJORICA.

Majorica is the only jewellery maker confident enough to offer an international certificate of guarantee for 10 years from the date of purchase. The Majorica guarantee provides free replacement of any pearl showing a defect in workmanship or material.